Meet the CPA

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John A. Zandi, CPA

John is the Managing Member and founder of Zandi LLC. Originally founded in Austin, Texas in 2011, the company later operated remotely from Europe in order to serve American expatriates living abroad. John has more than a decade of experience in wealth management, asset management, business advisory, and taxation. His background includes a depth of knowledge and understanding of financial markets, financial planning, and advisory for high net-worth individuals.

John has worked and lived in Los Angeles, Austin,  Germany and finally Zurich, Switzerland handling expatriate taxation for international clients in addition to consulting businesses located domestically in the United States. He served as a Portfolio Manager in Zurich, Switzerland under Alpës Capital SA where he managed assets globally for high-net worth individuals with a combined total assets under management exceeding $50m USD.

John is currently the President of Detaxify – a tax resolution firm which helps individuals and businesses with tax issues before the IRS and state tax authorities. See Detaxify reviews for testimonials from clients on how Detaxify has saved its clients millions in tax liability before the IRS and state.